A serene and dignified departure

Sparsh offers patients a serene atmosphere to spend their last days, before making a dignified departure from this world.

During the last days, we try to give patients all the comfort and care that they desire, besides treatment and nursing.

Palliative care is most relevant and needed for terminally ill patients, as in the last phase of cancerwhen ‘treatment for cure’ is no longer effective, the patient needs special care where both physical and emotional comfortcan be provided.Families of such patientsare often not able to deal with this stage of a loved one's life.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is to look after and attend to a person who is suffering from life-threatening disease like cancer. It is care given to improve the quality of life of the patient by addressing the person as a whole instead of just their disease. The aim is to treat the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, including treating their psychological, social and spiritual problems too.

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What is a hospice?

Hospice is a special way of caring for people who are terminally ill, and have no cure options left. Death is inevitable yet remains a neglected issue in modern health care. It is natural that every human being will eventually die. People who are dying may move towards death over longer or shorter periods of time and in different ways.

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