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I am touched by the dedication of the staff and volunteers of sparsh.
I am offering my support to this wonder.

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What does hospice care involve?

  • Pain and symptom control: Your hospice care team will identify your sources of pain and discomfort. These may include problems with breathing, fatigue, depression, insomnia, or bowel or bladder. Then the team will provide treatments that can offer relief. These might include medication, along with relaxation techniques.
  • Communication and coordination: Hospice care teams are extremely good communicators. They put great emphasis on communication between you, your family and your doctors in order to ensure that your needs are fully met. These include establishing goals for your care, aid in decision-making and seamless coordination of care.
  • Emotional support: Palliative care focuses on the entire person, not just his or her illness. The team members caring for you will address any social, psychological, emotional or spiritual needs you may have.
  • Family/caregiver support: Caregivers bear a great deal of stress too, so the palliative care team supports them as well. This focused attention helps ease some of the strain and can help you with your decision-making.

What can I expect from hospice care?

You can expect a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that reduces anxiety and stress. Your specialized plan of care is reviewed each day by the team and discussed with you to make sure your needs and wishes are being met.

You can expect relief from symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. The team addresses the issues as a whole person. It helps you carry on with your daily life and better understand your condition. In short, you can expect the best possible quality of life.

How do I start getting hospice care?

Ask for it! Start by talking with your doctor or nurse. Tell your family, friends and caregivers that you want hospice care. Then ask your doctor referral.

Sparsh hospice facility has been started in Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh by the Rotary club of Banjara hills with no charge to the patients.

Will there be any treatment given for patients?

There will be only 'comfort care' or 'symptom relieving treatment' and not 'curative treatment'.

Will relatives and friends be allowed to visit?

Yes, relatives will have unrestricted access to patients.

Who decides that there is no more treatment possible for my patient?

This is your treating 'Oncologist' or 'Cancer Surgeon' who decides based on your stage of disease and your response to treatment and the spread of the cancer.

Will there be any charge for the facility?

No, Sparsh is a fully charitable institution and will not charge patients. Though patients who can afford can donate to the trust.

If a patient is getting distressed or sicker and needs advanced medical care, will they be shifted to another hospital?

No. Fundamentally, it is understood that we are not aiming for prolonging life in a Hospice. Death will neither be prolonged nor hastened, but treated as another phase of life.

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