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I am touched by the dedication of the staff and volunteers of sparsh.
I am offering my support to this wonder.

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Our Patients Testimonials

"My mother died peacefully at Sparsh Hospice. She was not in pain. We four children could visit her every day in the one month of her stay. It gave her a lot of satisfaction. We are ever so grateful to the team at Sparsh." - Mrs. Janaki

"My father died at Sparsh from advanced pancreatic cancer. But his death was very peaceful. Our whole family was able to spend time with him in his last days which would not have been possible at a hospital. The cleanliness and care were very good. I personally appreciate the founders' initiative and hard work in fulfilling their mission. Especially Dr.Phanishree's care and her staff support is very soothing" - Mr.Naga Janardhan

"My sister had incurable cancer. Sparsh hospice doctors and nurses gave her great support and care. The day before she died they gave her milk and energy drinks to make her comfortable. This is really the best service. I will never forget the doctors and nurses here." - Mr. Dharani Srinivas

"We thank you for taking care of our mother in last few days of her life when she was suffering from advanced stage adenocracinoma. We were confused and depressed about what to do when the doctors at the hospital asked us to take her home because there was no more treatment left for her. However she was in a lot of pain and discomfort. We were unable to watch her suffer. We were told about Sparsh and brought her here. Although she lived only a few days at Sparsh, She was a whole human being again. She had no pain, she was comfortable and she was our normal mother once again. She died peacefully and we are able to live peacefully. I thank each and every member of the team for their cooperation which we will never forget." - Mr. Tarakaram



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